Increase in tax free bonuses under the small benefit exemption scheme

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The publication of the Finance Bill last week brought a few new measures which had not been announced in the Budget speech. One of those particularly welcomed by contractors and small business owners is the increase of the Small Benefits Exemption, from an annual amount of €250 to €500 with effect from 1 January 2016….Read More

How to maximise tax free subsistence expense when abroad

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Increasingly many contractors are spending time outside of Ireland during a contract. Where a contractor employed in Ireland is obliged to travel to a foreign location to temporarily perform the duties of his/her employment there, both the outward and the return journey home may be regarded as a business journey, and associated costs may be…Read More

Concerns over revenue’s clarifications on travel and subsistence expenses to contractors in tax briefing 03/13

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Revenue’s Tax Briefing 03/13 If you have not come across the concept of “normal place of work” before, what follows might well sound like a lot of abstract theoretical debate. If you are a contractor however or working within this sector, you will no doubt be well aware of the existing guidance on normal place…Read More