Thinking of coming home?

There’s no better time to make the move. Our economy is experiencing strong growth with a continuously improving job market across multiple sectors. More companies than ever are choosing Ireland as a home for their European headquarters, bringing with them a multitude of employment opportunities in areas from technology to construction.

The Home to Work campaign was set up as an initiative to encourage emigrants back to Ireland and take up employment here. The recession stole thousands of our brightest individuals and now that we are thriving once again, it’s time to invite them home to more promising opportunities and a better lifestyle. With thousands of talented Irish people scattered across the globe, this is an optimum time to apply the skills acquired abroad in a more flourishing Ireland.

Home will always be home, but the prospect of returning brings some challenges. It’s understandable that emigrants may have doubts about leaving a good life abroad to return home where their last memories are of a harsh downturn. However, the Ireland of 2018 stands on a much higher and more confident pedestal than its position during the crash. And many are unaware of the additional opportunities available through contracting or freelance work.


Take a look at the list below to learn more about some of the benefits of contracting and freelancing compared to permanent employment:

Generous pay

It’s widely known that contractors often earn more than permanent employees. Employers can be willing to pay them more than permanent employees, for the ability to buy-in expert skills on a flexible, temporary basis. The employer also benefits from savings on costs such as holiday pay and these savings can be fed directly into greater daily rates for contractors.


The thought of “being your own boss” is an appealing prospect to many people and if you’re considering returning to Ireland then it can certainly become a reality. The freedom of contracting opens up an array of opportunities.

Temporary, flexible earnings

Contracting and freelancing allow people to secure an income temporarily and on a flexible basis while adjusting to life back in Ireland. Other circumstances related to moving home such as buying a house or deciding on a school for your children can all be factors that affect the job-hunt process and decisions on more long term employment choices.

Expand a portfolio

Contract work lasts for a set period of time or until the project is complete. Contractors can enjoy huge and exciting variety in their career by acquiring new contracts on a regular basis in projects and areas which interest them most.

Those newer to contracting can quickly gain more experience by taking on successive contract roles in differing industries and projects.

Flexible holidays

You can decide when best suits you to take holidays and plan them in advance in accordance with the timeframe of contracts in the pipeline. If emigrating infected you with the travel bug, then contracting provides you with the freedom to tick off destinations on your bucket list while holding a base and income in Ireland.

Tax planning

With good tax planning through a compliant entity such as a PCSO accredited Umbrella Company Service Provider like Fenero, there can be great tax efficiencies to benefit from. You are also entitled to tax relief on costs associated with your contract.

As a contractor, you will be required to manage your own tax affairs, which can be daunting if unfamiliar with the process, let alone unaware of the ins and outs of the rules of the Irish taxation system.

Registering with an umbrella company like Fenero will make the financial side of things much easier for you. We can take care of the accountancy, taxation and administration aspects for you so you can focus on your own projects and spend the rest of your free time on all the things you enjoy far more than tax and accounts!

These are just some of the reasons to consider contracting as part of your move home. If you think you need a little more convincing, then click below to discover more about the Home to Work campaign and check out the wonderful Sonder video about Ireland at the top of this article:

> Department of foreign affairs – Coming home