Paul Skelton, Senior Solutions Advisor

Paul Skelton


Paul is our Senior Solutions Advisor, ready to help new clients understand our range of options and what works best for their specific individual needs. Previously holding the role of Umbrella Team Leader and overseeing the delivery of all our Umbrella Company payroll and tax services, Paul has extensive knowledge of tax solutions for contractors. He has a passion for using this experience to now help contractors find the best solutions for their personal needs.

Paul is a Certified iPass Payroll Technician and also has certifications in Business Management Development and Bookkeeping.

Paul has over 10 years’ management experience in customer-facing industries and his strong commitment to high-quality, friendly customer service makes him a great person for first time contractors to call upon for advice.



Paul is a passionate sports fan. He has been a successful basketball coach for over 15 years and is also a soccer and Man United fanatic. Unfortunately, this means many a TV remote control in Paul’s house has been smashed this season.

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