Greg Gillespi

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“Having registered with Fenero in 2014, I cannot commend them highly enough for the excellent service provided during my time as a contractor. Their professionalism, quality of service and all round attitude is a testament to each and every member of the team.” “They have on a number of occasions gone above and beyond their remit to assist and were always prompt and courteous whenever I had a query/request be it via email or over the phone.” “I would have no hesitation in recommending Fenero to anyone looking for top-of-the-range service. If I could give them 10 stars, I would.”

Zora Boukerche

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“I was contracting for almost 3 years and I would recommend Fenero in a heart beat.” “They have an excellent team, very nice and helpful and most importantly very patient with people like me who see taxes and Revenue matters as foreign language.” “They have been of great help and wouldn’t look anywhere else if I ever go back to contracting.”

Earn More With Contractor Solutions At Fenero

Focus on what you’re best at with one of our effective tax and payment management solutions for contracting.

Under our Umbrella Options you become a PAYE employee of the umbrella company for taxation purposes. You can become either an Employee or a Director and Shareholder of the umbrella company.

This Pay-As-You-Go solution comes with lots of benefits and includes several money-back service level guarantees, including same day turnaround on payments or your money back.

Alternatively, setting up your own Private Limited Company may be the best option if you will be contracting for a few years and want maximum control of your finances and wealth planning options

All you have to do is send us your timesheets and any expenses each week or month, and we’ll do the rest.

Complete our take home pay calculator form today and see which option might be best for you.

Don't get left behind! Discover how Fenero can help you

At Fenero, we offer a range of Umbrella Company or Private Limited Company solutions designed to maximise tax efficiencies and net take home pay and to minimise paperwork headaches.

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