1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Well, first off, I’m a very proud Dub – born and raised. I’m an even prouder Dad of two twin boys who just started secondary school in September, which is very hard to believe. They came into my life with a bang almost 13 years ago. These days I coach their football team which I love. To be honest, I’m probably more competitive than they are. I am also a Manchester United supporter. More recently, I started playing pickleball which I love. So, there’s a lot going onand life is very busy, but it’s brilliant.

2. You’ve worked with us at Fenero for over 10 years. Tell us about the journey so far. 

I started my journey at Fenero as a junior accountant. That was my life plan, I was on my way to becoming your typical accountant. Nevertheless, throughout the years, I worked my way into several different roles in areas like operations and sales, but my passion always lay with development systems, and processes to improve efficiencies and to enhance customer experience. Between all my roles I ended up on a path that has led me to becoming Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement, and I have been able to witness Fenero’s growth over the past number of years and that has been incredible. Now, 100 individuals are working across both Ireland and India and it has been such a privilege to watch and to be a part of that story. I always knew I made the right choice to work here.

3. What makes Fenero a unique place to work?

For me, it’s 100% the values that Fenero believes in and lives each day. Those values and beliefs align with my own outlook on life and my approach to situations. The team has helped me every step of the way. When I first joined I didn’t even know how to put a physical file together but they listened to me, they always wanted to hear me and they always put a huge focus on continuous improvement. Simply put, it’s just a great place to work.

4. What’s your favourite part about your job, and why?

My favourite part of my job is being a problem solver. I love nothing more than finding new and clever ways to make things easier for the team and our customers. I’m a perfectionist, so I enjoy looking deeply at processes and trying to make them as tight and as efficient as possible.

5. If you could give any piece of advice to someone considering a job at Fenero, what would it be?

In short, go for it. However, for more specific advice, you have to be ready for a remote-first environment because that is the type of company we are now. You will also need to be ready to work with specialists and experts in their field, be willing to learn and be willing to teach because we are also a knowledge-sharing organisation. As I said before, Fenero’s culture is built on our values of being customer-focused, striving to improve constantly and being ambitious. If all of these align with your values, we could make a good team.