The Opportunity

With a skills shortage in some sectors and roles in Ireland, and with Brexit causing significant uncertainties and currency exchange issues in the UK, a great win-win opportunity has emerged for Irish recruiters, Irish businesses and UK contractors. Many UK contractors are interested in exploring their options outside of the UK and their skills can be in high demand when filling contract roles in Ireland.


Can a UK contractor use their existing UK Limited Company in Ireland?

When taking up a contract in Ireland, many UK contractors are keen to continue using their existing UK Limited Company. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Convenience
  • Keep Costs Down
  • Maximise Tax Efficiencies

We have found many Irish recruitment agencies and businesses are initially uncertain about how to deal with this. We are currently helping Irish recruitment agencies and businesses and large numbers of UK contractors in navigating and simplifying the tax issues.



We’ve come across several common misperceptions.

  1. You can’t use a UK company to operate in Ireland
  2. It can only be used for contracts of less than 183 days
  3. There is no obligation to register with the Irish Revenue if operating for less than 6 months
  4. It is costly and difficult to be tax compliant

The good news for both contractors and recruiters is these are all incorrect. However it can still be easy to make a mistake if you’re not working directly with tax experts who have genuine experience and expertise in this area.


Solutions for every Situation

Regardless of the length of their contract, there is a suitable option for all UK contractors operating in Ireland via their UK Limited Company. The different options and requirements include:

  • Registering with Irish Revenue
  • Applying for an exemption to operate PAYE tax in Ireland
  • Registering for and operating Irish payroll


We make it simple

As personal tax experts with a specialism in both contracting and income tax, Fenero can guide recruiters and contractors through the process step by step. We have a number of tailored services to get UK contractors up and running quickly in Ireland and we provide solutions appropriate to the length of the contract.


We help by:

  • Enabling UK contractors to use their Limited Company in Ireland
  • Keeping the contractor’s UK Limited Company tax compliant
  • Providing peace of mind to Irish recruiters when working with UK Limited Companies
  • Offering detailed, expert tax advice to help contractors maximise available tax benefits


We have significant experience in contracting and tax residency issues for both individuals and companies. Please feel free to get in touch for advice or a sounding board on taking advantage of the opportunities available to UK contractors taking up roles in Ireland. Give myself or one of team a call – we’ll be happy to chat through the issues and help de-mystify the tax jargon!